Quick Prep

The following study regimen takes four weeks. It is best to begin exactly four weeks before your official LSAT so that you are at the peak of your abilities when the real test arrives.

Before you begin, purchase the following materials:

LSAC sells several books with similar titles; make sure you get the one with exactly this title. Also, make sure you get the new version of this book, with ISBN 0979305055. If you use the old version (ISBN 0942639898), you'll have to subtract 8 pages from every page reference in the homework assignments. LSAC sells only the new version, but some bookstores may still carry the old version.

While you are at the LSAC website, be sure to register for the official test. The earlier you register, the better. You'll be more likely to get your desired testing center, and you'll have more motivation to study hard.

To see the daily assignments, use the links to the right.