How do I get to the peak of my LSAT abilities?

The LSAT is a hard test, but the good news is that the LSAT is also a very predictable test. Certain patterns of reasoning appear over and over. These patterns of reasoning often trick people the first time-or even the tenth time. But with proper preparation, you will be able to spot, understand, and master those patterns. If you're willing to put in a lot of hard work and many hours of practice, you can raise your LSAT score substantially.

Real LSAT questions

One essential part of your preparation is to get as many real LSAT questions as possible to use for practice. Only by looking at hundreds of practice questions can you start to see the predictable patterns that make up the test.

The Examkrackers classroom course offers students over 2,500 real LSAT questions, and our textbooks offer hundreds of additional practice questions and proprietary drills. Our drills isolate individual skills and make sure you have them mastered before you assemble them into your overall approach. These proprietary questions are specially designed to teach a single technique without interference from other factors. No other company can offer these unique teaching tools.

Be sure to avoid books that feature outdated, incomplete, inaccurate, or unrealistic questions. These will only confuse you and hurt your performance on the real test.

Effective Strategies

Even with thousands of practice questions at their disposal, most test-takers find they still need guidance in seeing how the patterns of reasoning work and in developing effective strategies for dealing with them. The Examkrackers books were developed by a diverse group of LSAT experts with up-to-the minute knowledge of the test. We reviewed over 5,000 real LSAT questions, then developed a unique system that is simple, powerful, and proven to raise scores. Our books' techniques have been designed to work on every question.

Some LSAT prep books get into deep discussions of the type of formal logic you might study in a university course. Although this looks impressive on the page, it's not what you need to raise your LSAT score. Our books teach you everything you need-and only what you need-to be able to answer every LSAT question. They don't prepare you to be a philosopher, a logician, or a literary critic, but they do give you the tools to unlock the specific types of logic found only on the LSAT.

Classroom Preparation

Finally, many test-takers find that they can benefit from the in-depth discussion, personalized coaching, and structured study regimen that come only from a classroom course.

The Examkrackers course, more than any other prep course, is carefully designed for your success. We encourage you to compare our system with the preparation formats of our competitors.

We have shorter lectures. Compare our 60-minute lectures with our competitors' three-hour lectures. If you are fighting off sleep during long lectures, you will miss important LSAT content and you won't have the techniques to answer questions on your real LSAT. Examkrackers lectures are brief, so you can stay alert during the entire lecture and you won't miss any LSAT content.

We offer more testing. We emphasize testing because that's what you need to increase your LSAT score. Short practice exams in the LSAT format are given every night of every class after each lecture to inculcate new concepts, reveal weak areas, and to get you thinking LSAT. We also offer 5 full-length practice exams throughout the course to allow you to track your progress.

Only Examkrackers has an instructor review. All questions are reviewed immediately following the in-class exam, so you learn not just the correct answer, but also the fastest, most efficient method to find the correct answer. On the LSAT, increasing your speed will raise your score.

Together, these components form our "Lecture-Test-Review" system. Each 60-minute lecture is followed by a miniature 25-minute LSAT-style test based on the material from the lecture. After the mini-exam, the instructor will spend 30 minutes reviewing each question from the exam and illustrating how a high-scorer uses the techniques. These three pieces make up a 2-hour class, and each night of the course contains two classes on different topics. This structure is designed to keep you awake, keep you engaged, and allow you to practice and sharpen your skills when they are freshest in your mind.

When you take one of our five full-length Saturday practice exams (which are real official LSATs), you don't just get your score and a handshake. You get a seven-page score report that breaks down your performance in every way possible. The more you can learn from your mistakes, the more you can improve. Class time is also set aside for you to discuss your individual performance on the test with your expert instructor.

Examkrackers courses are offered throughout the country.