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EK-Exam 1
Examkrackers EK-Exams for the MCAT®
  • Increase your score with the best practice for MCAT® day.
  • Format and content matches the AAMC MCAT® in style and skill tested
  • Written by educators who are high scoring medical students and physicians
  • Practice mode features build your MCAT® skills and increase your MCAT® score
  • Include process based answer explanations which reference the corresponding Lecture in the Examkrackers Manuals for review
  • This exam is part of our MCAT® Comprehensive Course taken by our students. (If you are have, currently or will take our course, please do not purchase this product)
  • You will receive 6 months access to the test from the date of purchase.
  • Once activation is given, the test in non-refundable.

Please follow the instructions below to access EK-Exams:

  1. After logging in to your account, select “Online Exams” under “My Account”. At this point you will be redirected to the Student Portal.
  2. Begin an exam by clicking the available exam in the Start New Exam Panel.
  3. Please visit the following FAQ to answer any questions you have about our EK-Exams:

If you have any technical problems with our exams, please give us a call at 1-888-572-2536 or email

Examkrackers  EK-Exams match the MCAT® in both content and format. EK-Exams reflect the significant changes made in 2015 by the AAMC. Passages are excerpted from primary peer-reviewed journal articles with relevance to human biology and medicine. Examkrackers EK-Exams ask interdisciplinary, research-based questions, newly tested by the 2015 MCAT®. Examkrackers questions and answer explanations are written by medical students and physicians who are experienced educators who received high scores on the MCAT®. Answer explanations demonstrate to you the process of problem-solving required for success on each question.
The Examkrackers EK-Exams provide you with a key and crucial tool to increase your MCAT® score. Purchase includes a detailed user’s guide and FAQ on how to improve your performance using the EK-Exams. You may choose to take a simulated MCAT® or a practice test. Practice tests allow you the option to check your answers as you go. Real Time Answer Check® allows you to learn immediately from mistakes so bad habits are not practiced and can be recognized and replaced immediately with high scoring techniques. You will see whether you got the question right or wrong without immediately seeing the correct answer or the answer explanation, allowing you to retake questions to build key MCAT® skills. Upon review, each answer explanation is visible one at a time so as not to reveal answers to other questions until you are ready and choose so. Each answer explanation references an Examkrackers lecture so you can easily review any topics that may have been difficult for you.

Examkrackers EK-Exams simulate AAMC topic distribution, skill distribution and question distribution accurately.

Examkrackers does not represent the AAMC's question distribution between easy, medium and hard, instead testing a much greater proportion of medium and hard questions.

The purpose of a good test prep company is to increase the student's MCAT® score. Practicing easy MCAT® questions does not change a score. We provide medium and difficult questions that will set a score apart from the mean.
Examkrackers EK-Exams are the perfect tool for MCAT® preparation. 

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EK-Exam 1